Editor's NoteEditor's Note

Better Late Than Never!

Fellow readers,

We haven't been very consistent in releasing ML Weekly lately and I am deeply sorry about it.

It all happens when I decided to go on a trip to my peaceful home country Iran, I met a lot of researchers who are working on issues that matter the most with the state-of-the-art, not only in Iran but also other countries in that region; Trust me they just don't have media to shout out their work properly.

Long story short, it has been an eye-opening trip and led me to care more about works happening there and even engaged myself into few of those projects which I will announce soon, but feel free to ping me directly if that's something you are keen to know more.

At the end, ML Weekly will be released as usual on the weekly routine, look forward to your works and papers to share with the community.

Alireza Samar  

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